Bulk Buy Splitter
Your Private Shopping Club!

BulkBuySplitter assists small businesses and individuals FIGHT INFLATION by allowing them to leverage their buying power by buying in bulk and saving!

About Us

About Bulk Buy Splitter

Bulk Buy Splitter is a private shopper club that gives you ways to get lower prices on items in warehouse stores in the quantities you want. During your shopping experience, it connects you with friends, small businesses, and nearby shoppers allowing you to share the purchase of bulk items. Bulk Buy Splitter offers convenience, quantities and pricing that work for you!

Bulk Shoppers

This allows bulk shoppers create their own supply chain!

Extreme Couponers

Extreme Couponers can monetize efforts!

Small Businesses

Allows small businesses to leverage buying power like the big boys!

Fight Inflation

Get retail quantities at wholesale prices!


Create your own supply chain

Bulk Buy Splitter allows you to create your own supply chain with friends, neighbors and businesses. For a small fee every month make as many transactions as you want bring your own payment type. (Cash, CashApp, Venmo etc).